Of course we provide bespoke, "One Off" projects! But after years of working with dental professionals we have discovered the similar needs in most dental offices. We have a 3 cycle process that guarantees you're getting the media you NEED when you actually need it!
If you find that you are current with everything inside of Cycles 1 & 2, you can skip straight to Cycle 3 to ensure consistency in the way you communicate with your patients.

Our first cycle is building out website media and social accounts, aka "evergreen" media.
Look at it like building the foundation and framework of a house. This media is what will help your existing and potential patients landing on your page make informed decisions about the services you provide as well as their comfortability and trust in your dental practice.
This includes photography and most importantly VIDEO. 

I suggest individual portraits or separating by groups like front office team, hygiene, and dental assistants.
(ex: Veneers, Orthodontics, Dental Implants, Crowns, & Whitening)
(ex: Veneers, Orthodontics, Dental Implants, and Virtual Consults)
*All of the content is also carried over to social channels and fully optimized for the platform viewing. All videos will be delivered with AND without captions in order to satisfy ADA laws.

Cycle 2 focuses on patient education via FAQ's and any materials such as pre and post operative information so you can ensure that you're patient has access to any information to any questions that they may ask. This will free up your time answering any "basic" questions and relieve any stress of leaving out any important details of a pre or post procedure. Give your patients the power of knowledge based decisions!
*Also great for social channels and fully optimized for the platform viewing

Here comes the fun part, maintaining consistency through powerful patient stories, Engaging Before & Afters, and keyword researched FAQ's

You might be asking yourself, how much does all of this cost?? We have standard base pricing upon request and strive to ensure that having quality media is sustainable, so naturally we have options!

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the contact page and tell us a little bit more about your practice!

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